After a number of years and successfully accomplishing different wedding, portrait, beauty and commercial photography and video filming projects Techverve has become one of the most trusted, if not the most trusted photography and video filming company in Botswana.


Why is it easy to trust Techverve?

  1. Techverve has accomplished more than 500 successful wedding Photography and video filming projects in and around Botswana.

  2. There is a lot of impressive and quality work for Techverve shown on social media and website, which makes it convenient and easy for clients to see for themselves, before considering to book.

  3. Also Techverve has the biggest photography and film Facebook page in Botswana, and a social media following of more than 33000 with more than 40 reviews and recommendations.

  4. When your work is not secretive and it is always shown to the public, as Techverve does, and if the public loves it, recommends it, then that makes you trustable and worthy considering to entrust with any important occasion, from weddings, portraits, beauty to corporate work.

  5. Besides social media being the best way to openly share information with friends, family and the world at large, it also reveals good or bad work ethics, that companies or individuals may have. On that note, social media has generally revealed that Techverve has a great reputation with its clients.